Jesus, the Lord of the harvest, has called us to go and make disciples. That commandment is not optional, and yet we struggle. But what if making disciples was simple, enjoyable, and for everyone?

LifeQuest is a Holy Spirit led journey in which you will walk with others into a deeper understanding of God’s purpose and plan for your life.

Through weekly gatherings you and your fellow travelers will discover new insights to God’s truth and find and give encouragement to persevere. You’ll come to experience God in a more personal and meaningful way. Your life will be transformed by his truth. Relationships will deepen. Said another way, DISCIPLESHIP.

LifeQuest will bring opportunity to gain fresh insight through the words of God and discover ways to put his truth into your heart and into action. Be willing. Be open. Allow God to build his character in you through his Word, through others, and through his Spirit.

DISCOVER God’s truth. Be TRANSFORMED through greater awareness of God’s presence and power. Find PURPOSE through participation in God’s plan to change the world. Join the quest.